The ramparts of Warsaw 1943-1944/ Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-1944

A few months ago, I finished a collaboration with André Bossuroy for three animated segments as part of the documentary: "Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-1944/ The ramparts of Warsaw 1943-1944"

This documentary was shown on ARTE, on the day of the Warsaw insurrection. 

To watch the animated segments click on the images below: 




"1st August 1944. Nearly two months after the Allies land in Normandy, the young people of Poland rise up in Warsaw to free themselves from the Nazi yoke. Betrayed by Stalin who is encamped, weapons at hand, on the far bank of the Vistula the Polish Resistance one of the strongest in Europe with its Home Army the Armia Krajowa faces the world’s most powerful army alone.

Three young Europeans, Alexandra (France), Maria (Poland) and Roman (Germany), meet in Warsaw to enquire into these events; here they meet witnesses who took part in the Warsaw Uprising or lived in the ghetto. Beneath their white hair we can recognise the men and women who formed the living ramparts of freedom in the face of Nazism. They were between 12 and 20 years old at the time."

To watch the full documentary follow the link below:


Reporters: Alexandra JASTRZEBSKA, Maria Kinga ZIELINSKA, Roman KROKE
Animation: Parissa MOHIT
Music: Florian SERAUL
Production: MEDIEL with the support from the Programme Europe for citizens Active European Remembrance from the European Commission

Belgium, 2014

An avant-goût : "Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44"

The most enjoyable part of my work is the first sketches I do for the animations-to-be.

A couple of months ago I started working on a project about the story of a woman  during the uprising in Warsaw during the second world war . I've done a few minutes of animation for this documentary called "Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44".

 Today I was going through the first sketches, comparing them with the final result. 

;) ! Not bad!

This is only an avant-goût! I'll post the videos and more info about this collaboration very soon! 

"Les remparts de Varsovie 1943-44" is a production of association MEDIEL asbl and André Bossuroy (Belgium) as director and producer. 

"Where have I seen this before? "- Some photos and an interview

An interview mainly but not only about my animation installation "Where have I seen this before?".  16 site-specific animations were selected by Animafest and the museum of contemporary art in Zagreb(MSU) to be projected on the façade of the museum from May 23 to June 8, 2014.

This interview was done by Dolores Marčetić, during my visit to Animafest 2014.

By the way it is published in Croatian!

"Where have I seen this before" in Zagreb!

An adaptation of the window installation “Where have I seen this before” that I’ve created for the windows of M.A.I. has been selected to be projected on the media facade of MSU (Museum of contemporary art-Zagreb) as part of Animation goes MSU in collaboration with Zagreb Animafest.
A special thanks to Éléonore Goldberg (Animator and colorist), Jean-Christophe Leblond (Urban elements design) and Julie Verfaillie who did a great job for the sound and music of the original work. Although this adaptation will be presented without music because of the limitations of the site but this work owes a lot to her beautiful audio creation.

The first version of this animation was created in 2012 during my residency at MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and Prim Centre, with the financial support of M.A.I. long-term mentorship program. 

My work will be presented on the MSU façade with 15 other animation works from Japan, Australia, China, USA, Croatia, Austria, Serbia and New Zealand. The opening was on the 23rd of May and the projections will go on till the 8th of June. I'll be there from the 31st to the 8th. I've never been to Zagreb and am really looking forward to a week of adventure, observation, thinking and insta-drawing in a company of the big animation community!

Détective Animé@ More pain, more film!

Trying to dance flamenco made me accept  that I need to do something before it's too late. Being 33 and by nodoubt one of the weakest women of our group in terms of muscle force is not something to be proud of!

So I decided to give swimming another try and that's how the first sparkles for an animation film appeared as I was under the shower in the changing room area.

More pain, more film!

Voila the first tests for this idea.

Détective Animé@ Opening in two weeks

OÙ AI-JE DÉJÀ VU CELA ? Vernissage/Exhibition opening: Monday, November 5, 6 pm at the MAI café

Nightime window projections
November 4 to 10, 2012
6 pm to 11pm

Installation vidéographique projetée sur les fenêtres du MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? sollicite par sa poésie urbaine les passants de la rue Jeanne-Mance à Montréal. Conçu à partir de la technique du cinéma d'animation, ce triptyque vidéographique puise son inspiration dans les miniatures persanes anciennes ainsi que dans le Montréal contemporain. Recherchant la similarité entre le passé et le présent, la trame narrative estompe les notions du temps et du lieu.

L’œuvre de Parissa Mohit amalgame la représentation picturale médiévale aux images de Montréalais croquées sur le vif. Création gigogne - histoire qui en cache une autre - Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? insuffle un sens épique à ces tranches de vie montréalaises. Danse au tam-tam, bataille médiévale au Mont-royal et moments intimes dans les parcs de Montréal, autant de scènes du quotidien qui se superposent aux légendes persanes.

//// //// //// ////

A video installation projected onto the windows of the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? (Where have I seen this before?) attracts the attention of passers-by on Jean-Mance street in Montreal with its urban poetry. Conceived using animated film techniques, this video triptych draws its inspiration from ancient persian minatures, as well as from contemporary Montreal. Creating a similarity between past and present, the narrative erases the concepts of time and space. 

Parissa Mohit joins medieval pictorial representation with images of montrealers sketched from real life. A new work with a Russian doll construction - each stroy conceals another - Où ai-je déjà vu cela ? Breathes a sense of epic into these slices of Montreal life. A Tam-Tam dance, a medieval battle on Mount-Royal, and an intimate moment in a park are some of the scenes of everyday life superimposed on Persian legends.

Conception et réalisation : Parissa Mohit
Animatrice et coloriste/ Animator and Colorist : Éléonore Goldberg
Conception sonore/ Sound design: Julie Verfaillie
Conception des éléments urbains/ Urbain elements: Jean-Christophe Leblond
Montage on-line/ On-line editing: Sylvain Cossette

En collaboration avec/In collaboration with PRIM

Here is a link to the Facebook event :