That's how I found my second roof in Montreal. It all started on the 22nd of February 2017 with an email from Elise Simard; subject: as long as I got my friends. 



Astroplastique is Claire Blanchet, Fred Casia, Eva Cvijanovic, HyunJin Park, Parissa Mohit and Elise Simard - all of whom met through the corridors of the National Film Board of Canada in Montréal. This free-form collective is seeking to create fertile grounds for collaborative, animation-based work, and is always in search of new ways of telling stories. Astroplastique thrives from highlighting individual talents while putting special focus on community and taking care of each other. They also have a long history of creating content for non-fiction work and enjoy adding a touch of magic to everyday life. Following in this path, Astroplastique is curious to explore virtual and augmented realities, emergent and interactive narratives and serial content