Production Journal - 13 - APK


Every production has a grey phase and mine was not an exception. One of these days I decided to cheer myself and the team up and took some of my massage gadgets to the studio. Animators suffer from a lot of back, shoulder and hand pain. I'm aware that this is not a unique problem reserved to animators but it's only animators who are able to think of something called a storyboard and eventually come up with the idea of something magic to relieve their pain. It took me a few months to attract other animators' attention to these objects that really do magic.

Now that I'm documenting these lines, those objects are in a box at home because I moved out my stuff from the production studio. Their six-month séjour at a studio full of animators and the interactions they evoked, proved us that there is an actual need for this kit in any animation studio. Also I encourage every animator to equip him/herself with a small suitcase of at least three pieces of these tools. 

I'll be more than happy to discuss the instruction of this must-have package which is branded as: 

Animator's Pleasure Kit


BTW, me and Kathleen decided to make a promotional video for this brilliant idea. Due to lack of energy and the urgent need to finish the animation of "Une visite", I can only present you a sketch of the storyboard. For this episode, we chose the finger massage tool which is named Finger by finger.

pleasure kit storyboard copy.jpg