Production Journal- Eleven- New members

During the spring 2017, Kathleen's mission on this project reached to an end and "Une visite" welcomed Ehsan Gharib for a few weeks to help with some last-minute inking. Ehsan is an animation filmmaker, photographer and a great compositor. He joined our team right after finishing his film DEYZANGEROO.

A month later, Elise Simard joined us and we started the final phase of the image creation, the compositing. Elise is also a filmmaker I know from long time ago through the NFB. She is a visual magician and was the first option I had in mind for this phase of project.  We started experimenting with the footage we had and it took us a bit of time to get to a visual recipe for the film. The photos I've taken from the paper-photo sets to create the city's visuals had a sharp digital finish which wasn't the look I was looking for. It took us a long time to take away this clean layer and make these images fit with the interior scenes which were all done by hand-drawn animation. Elise was also joining us right after finishing her latest film Beautiful like elsewhere

Kathleen's last evening on "Une visite"



Lori's POV- Elise and Parissa