Production Journal- Eight- Ottawa Animation Festival

The end of September is Ottawa time. We decided to arrange a trip to the Ottawa animation festival. A weekend full of cinema time and conversations about movies. When you talk about cinema around food and drink, the conversation gets mixed with life, no matter how hard you try to make it otherwise.  That's what movies are about and that's what I like about attending festivals with good company. 

On the last day, we had a brunch with animator friends at the Ottawa market, and we took our last walk before heading back to Montreal. If you go to a bazar you'll find all kinds of characters you need for your story. Sometimes you don't need any more characters for your film, but the characters you already have fade into the crowd and remind you of what you need to do when you get back home. During the last moments of this trip I saw the phantom of the woman in my film at the Ottawa market. She was moving in the wind in her long floral dress.