Production Journal- Seven- Lori

In September 2016, I had my first post-production meeting with Ottoblix, and that opened my eyes to the amount of inking and masking and coloration needed for this film. Both characters have an open form which make this process even more elaborate. I fully underestimated this step when we were planning the production. This revelation made me decide to clean the white table in the middle of the space and prepare it to welcome the new member of the team, Lori Malépart-Traversy

Lori is a talented animation filmmaker and a wonderful woman I got a chance to know thanks to this project. Our first meeting was very brief and easy and we simply talked about inking and masking images. As we moved along she got involved more and more in the film and helped me establish a solid workflow for the production and image process. Her particular attention to detail and her discipline took a heavy load of work and worries off my shoulder. She became a hand I was missing! 

Now that I'm writing this post, her film "Le clitoris" is going viral all over the world. If you haven't watched it yet then click on this link and

Bon Film! :