Production Journal- Three-Kathleen

In 2014, I watched a series of Hothouse one-minute animations, produced by the NFB. One of the films of this series stuck in my mind : « The Midway ». 

This short animation followed a group of children on a roller coaster ride. They eventually came down from the ride somewhere further, on a beach, as elderlies. The drawings were made using graphite pencil. Children in this film were treated like adults but in smaller scale. This was something I was looking for in my film. I later saw a "making of" of this project in which the director described her use of models for the background of the film and the roller coaster movement, something I was curious to develop more in my future project. For all these reasons, I came out of the theatre feeling that this director would contribute a lot to my film if one day I get to the production phase.  Later I spotted Kathleen in the corridors of the NFB, but we never got a chance to talk.

A year after that corridor encounter, I served the director of « The Miday » and her mom some coffee and small pastries at a cafe where I was working.  I was still waiting for my film’s funding to be finalized. 

Another twelve months passed and I met Kathleen again at a party. I finally felt ready to talk about my project and to invite her to join my team. When I felt that she was interested in knowing more about the film, a heavy weight was taken off my shoulders. This phase of choosing the first animator took me too long as I didn't have enough confidence in what I felt was the right thing for the film. I also wanted to be too ready before I started working with an animator. Having had more guts those days, I would have taken this decision much earlier and would have been able to start production a few months earlier.

The official beginning of production was clicked in the beginning of July 2016.