Production moment (1)

Animating « goodbye and welcome » moments between three characters in a one-shot scene is by now the most challenging scene of this film. Scene number 11 is at the beginning of the film; the first time we encounter the characters and the only time we see three of them together. Fifty seconds of simple routine interaction between three women seems banal but is actually very hard to choreograph and animate. We pass through these daily moments without ever thinking of the mechanism of these behaviours.

Scene 11- Test for two characters- Layers through the light table 

Working on the layout and key frames of scene number 11 reminded me of a teenage moment when I refused to kiss back. I was in high school and was supposed to receive a prize from the principle of our school. I picked the prize and it was the moment to kiss the woman I was convinced was not a great fan of me. In a blink of a second I decided to jump back and escape the kiss. My friend’s mother who was sitting in the crowd found it kind of funny but nobody else shared her idea. Having a hard time animating this scene, I started wondering whether that could have been a good decision to go for that hug and kiss on the scene just to feel that experience. These days I’m wondering what has happened to that kiss and a lot of other kisses I missed because it seemed to be another banal moment, worthless of sparing time for. Filtering your moments through the eyes of an animator makes you understand the importance of each fraction of a second. Animating this scene made me observe a moment that I often rejected, who knows why: The fabulous heat of a hug and kiss between two women, in a pure Iranian style.