Welcome to my renovated online life

After a long online hibernation, I'm back with my new website. I decided to renew it and integrate and upload my previous posts from my blog here. Sorry if the older posts are not very nicely fit into the page.

After returning from my long trip to Tehran, in 2015, I gradually started working on the production of my next animation film "Une visite/ A visit".  I also did some other collaborations during the previous months that I will document peu à peu. 

As the production of this animation film has been and will be a long journey, I decided to write down my journal. These notes are mainly what I explore in my studio while working on this project and are neither chronological nor directly related to this specific film. This project is a pretext for me to read, study and reflect on the moving image. 

My famous catchphrase: "On va voir!" 

We'll see!