Détective Animé @ LARP

LARP (live action role-playing game) is the subject of study for the second episode of a video I'm working on, inspired by a persian miniature painting and based on a scene I have seen on the mountain of Montréal.
It all happened a summer day, three years ago. As I was walking in the park I noticed a group f people dressed-up in medieval style. They were imitating an imaginary fight with swords, fire and a winner at the end.

Right beside these role-players were people playing percussion instruments and dancing in a big group (check out Détective animé @ visual test 1 ).

Walking on the main mountaint of the city among the dancers and the role-players that day reminded me of a few persian miniature paintings about dance and battle. It was as if I went back in time to 1524.
That's where I gave life to an idea of a series of video!